journal articles:

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newspaper and magazine ARTICLES:


  • New Scientist: Instant Expert Mental Health one day masterclass - Royal College of General Practitioners, London (04/18). Invited speaker. Talk title: Meditation and Mental Health. 
  • Video Series: Sleep Smarter (02/18). 7 day sleep programme for better sleep. Expert in improving Sleep. 
  • Video Series: Simple Stress Management (03/17). Expert in Reducing Stress. Video topics: 1) Introduction to stress management 2) Manage your stress triggers 3) Daily habits for stress relief
  • 'Theorising on Social and Embodied Aspects of Contemplative Practices' - International Workshop at the University of Tampere, Finland (07/16). Invited speaker. Talk title: 'The Variety of Meditative Experiences: psychological effects we might not expect.'
  • 'Alternatives' event at St James' Church, Piccadilly, London (03/16). Invited speaker. Talk topic: The Buddha Pill with Dr Farias. 
  • 'Psychologists in the Pub' - British Psychological Society Event, Oxford (02/16). Invited speaker. My co-author Dr Miguel Farias and I gave a talk on the subject of our book, The Buddha Pill.
  • '5th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality', International Conference, London (11/15). Invited speaker. Talk title: An Ashram in a Prison Cell: the psychological effects of yoga and meditation on prisoners.
  • 'Publish Your Book' Workshop - Watkins Publishing & Alternatives (11/15). Invited as a published author to speak at a day-long workshop in London in November 2015 for prospective authors in the Mind Body Spirit genre.
  • Author Talk and Book Signing, London (08/15) at London's oldest esoteric bookshop, Watkins Books, Soho.
  • Author Talk and Book Signing, London (05/15) at Waterstone's, Notting Hill.
  • Study Day - Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford (03/15). Co-presented a day-long workshop on meditation and mindfulness science.

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